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Royal Afternoon Par Tea Bank Mandiri
31-01-2013 04:56:26
Firstly on behalf of Reny Feby Jewelry we would like to wish everyone a very blessed and merry christmas. On this very festive and joyful month, December, Reny Feby had been specially invited to attend the Royal Afternoon ParTea by Mandiri on 12 December 2012, along with several other designers, one of them was Roberto Cavalli.

Royal Afternoon ParTea was especially held to gather several exquisite women selected by the parties of Mandiri to luxuriate themselves in the best tea time dishes prepared by the chefs of Hotel Mulia, refresh their eyes to the alluring fashion show, and of course, to rejoice themselves by purchasing items of special offers by the invited designers. In the occasion, Reny Feby has offered a 50% discount to all items.
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